Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#24 Summarizing my thoughts

Whew! I made it. I have lots of favourites - Library Thing, Delicious, even Flickr. I say even Flickr because I feel that I need to play around with it to get a better grasp of it. I liked the Common Craft tutorials - very clear and concise. One of the hardest things was to decide which links to explore - there were so many of them. The experience reminded me of a buffet - you just have little tastes of many things, as versus a meal of one. It was a good program for exposing me to many new things. Although I had taken an electronic publishing course that covered blogging and some of the other topics, social networking is changing constantly so most of the things were new. I would choose to participate in a future program, as there will be new things out there by then. All in all a well-laid out program, especially with the catch-up weeks built in. Without those, I would have been totally stressed as finding the time to do the exercises was the hardest thing.

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  1. Looks like you've had a great experience. Thanks for sharing your positive vibes.