Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week 2, Thing 5: What I Learned This Week

14 minutes in and counting. Reading Buddies starts in 43 minutes and I am determined to accomplish this today (I am already 1 week behind but I plead a quick roadtrip to Hamilton for my daughter's back surgery - which was moved up a month with NO notice - as my excuse). This may not be quick, as I have already listened to the Blogs in Plain English twice - in French! Who knew that the default setting was french language? I mean, it's called Blogs in Plain English. I have also managed to plug the earplugs into the wrong spot and almost strangled myself getting out from under my desk (I really need the CPU in a better spot). I am going to have a hard time convincing anyone that I am not technologically challenged now. So as per instructions, the easiest habit from the 7 and 1/2 lifelong learning habits will be #2 Accept responsibility for your own learning. To me, this means fitting it into my schedule and making sure it gets done. The hardest will be #3 - View problems as challenges because right now the problem is deciding what needs to be read from each of these sites and how many links to follow up on. I don't find that challenging, I find it overwhelming!