Wednesday, December 16, 2009

#22 Podcasts

I found the Worthington Libraries: Programs to Go podcast interesting in how it provides a new service to its patrons. When I looked up a podcast through, it asked me to download an aggregate reader, then I had to choose one from a list, ...I took a shortcut and listened to a podcast from LibVibe instead. What a reality check. In its short blurb, it mentioned a bomb threat in Washington county from a disgruntled patron over fines and a new library in Indiana defaced by an eight year old and a nine year old. My only complaint with LibVibe is that the latest entry was dated 2008. I guess that, like anything else from the internet, you need to check the date it was posted to make sure it is current. I have enjoyed the Common Craft Tutorial podcasts - they are clear, well presented and short and to the point.

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