Thursday, November 19, 2009

#12 Twitter

Well, another new experience. I have officially tweeted! I don't think this is something that I will keep after this experience, but you never know. I am hoping that clicking on follow for other people means the same thing as signing up to be friends with them. That might be a question that I need to fire off to Elaine, if I can find the spot where I'm supposed to do that. I think it's the 25 things page - I really need to get the hang of multiple windows being open! One thing I've learned is that I don't like a lot of visual distraction - hence the lack of open windows. Anyways, I'm signed up to follow 11 people/organizations, mainly authors or book review sites, with the exception of Fanshawe College - home of my middle child. There is talk of community college staff going on strike, so it would be nice to get the heads up on that.

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